I’m Aislan, a civil engineer, postgraduate in Business Administration and Game Programming. I’m a videogame fan since childhood and had the privilege to enjoy several platforms and now I have fun developing games.


Due to my videogame passion, while visiting the ‘BGS-2013’ fair, I accepted my wife’s suggestion and visited the booth of a game developing school. Since then, a lot of water has rolled under the bridge and now my hobby has turned into something bigger: YAW Studios.


Lately I've been dedicated to create of my own video game development studio ‘YAW Studios’ and it’s first game ‘War Solutions’.



Shards of Mind
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Imagine yourself waking up in a destroyed village, not knowing who you are and how you ended there. That was the situation that Lourien found herself into. What did she do?

Lucy's Nightmare
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Lucy has to face her major fear: the monsters that live in her nightmares.

By using plush and special interactive toys, she shall eliminate them and gain imagination points.

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YAW Studios

YAW Studios is a small Game Development Studio.


Cover System
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URE4 programming language to demonstrate the cover system and other functions.

Smell System
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URE4 programming language to demonstrate the smell system and other functions.

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